Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Escondido

Divorce Court Vs. Mediation

When a marriage is headed towards divorce, if it is at all possible to work out the agreements of the dissolution between the two of you in a calm and methodical manner, you can save not only a lot of valuable time and added expense, but you can move on knowing you were both able to work things out equitably, not as combatants. Contact a Escondido Divorce Attorney at the Law Offices of Gordon G. Meyer and I will give you a free consultation about the divorce mediation process. With over 42 years of experience in Family Law and Divorce, I can help you through the mediation process step by step.

As a Certified Family Law Specialist and having served not only as a mediator in Family Law cases but also as a Judge Pro Tem, I understand all the particulars and requirements of what the court will need to accept your settlement agreements and grant your uncontested divorce. I will not only guide you through the process and meet as often as necessary to help you work out the details, but it is my job to ensure the legal agreements are properly written before they can be presented to the court.

Mediation Attorney in Escondido & Surrounding Areas

If you live in either North or Northeast San Diego County, I may be able to help you reach a much less expensive and timelier divorce settlement through the use of mediation. All the vital agreements can be reached in a calm and reasonable manner. Issues such as alimony, child custody and support and division of property and assets can all be discussed, individual proposals made and compromises reached. This is not to say they may not be points of conflict or argument. But if both spouses are determined to work through such emotional moments with the assistance of someone who has seen it all and knows how to best settle such issues fairly, it can be accomplished.

If you are interested in settling your divorce through the use of a divorce mediator, contact a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Escondido at the Law Offices of Gordon G. Meyer for a free consultation.