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Child Custody

Child custody is the care and control of a minor child that is determined by a judge in a divorce proceeding. Custody may be shared by both parents, or awarded to one parent. Whatever the arrangement, the best interest of the child must always be of paramount importance. Physical custody means where the child will live. Legal custody has to do with decisions about education, medical care, religion and other issues that the parent makes.


Child Custody

There are two kinds of physical and legal custody: sole custody and joint custody. With joint custody both parents share the responsibility of making major decision about the child’s upbringing regarding matters like education, medical care, religion, and discipline. California’s joint custody law urges the court to award both parents shared legal custody. The court will also award physical custody to both or just one parent. Usually the child spends the majority of time with one parent, which is called primary physical custody. The other parent will usually be awarded visitation rights, or what is known as secondary physical custody. The parent that has primary physical custody will usually make the day to day decisions about the child’s upbringing. In the event that the parents cannot get along and there is hostility between them, the judge will decide that a sole parent will have legal custody and that parent will be the one to make all of the decisions regarding the raising of the child.

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