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Child Relocation


Child Relocation

When divorce becomes a reality, each member of the family will be impacted. One difficult issue that crops up comes in the shape of move away cases. This situation can be heartbreaking for the parent who is left behind. The Law Offices of Gordon G. Meyer in Rancho Bernardo will provide you with a child relocation attorney to help you determine whether or not the move is in the best interests of your child.


Some factors considered by courts and by the child relocation lawyer are:

  • The stability of the custodial relationship
  • The age of the children
  • The relationship between children and both parents
  • The child’s preferences
  • Reasons for the move
  • The distance of the move
  • The ability of parents to communicate/work with each other

Legal Assistance With Move Away Cases

A move away case attorney in Rancho Bernardo will discuss your options with you. Most relocation’s are disruptive to the existing child custody arrangement. When the other parent of your children is seeking to take the kids to another state and you wish to contest the situation, your first step should be to contact an attorney to review facts and any pertinent evidence. You’ll need to prove that the move will not be in the best interests of your children. As part of the process, you may need evidence to show that the other parent has previously worked to frustrate visitations. A 730 evaluation may be undertaken to cast light on the family dynamic.  You need a San Diego Attorney to help you with the legal process involved in possible child relocation.

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