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Child Support

Divorce is a particularly touchy matter from the aspect of any children involved in the divorce discussions and proceedings. It demands the support of a highly competent legal firm where clients and their children are treated with respect, understanding and in particular, fairness for the children. Attention and care for any involved children, both within the pre-divorce environment as well as in their ongoing lives, demands serious sensitivity by all concerned and a sense of trustworthiness by all the attorneys involved. It demands a Rancho Bernardo attorney with the background, successful experience and aggressive attention to the affected children so that both their financial and emotional well-being is preserved. The law office of Gordon G. Meyer is the standard bearer for these principles as a Divorce Attorney in California.

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Child support for your loved ones

If you are faced with difficult child support differences with a spouse in an impending divorce, a child support lawyer who focuses on being informative and who treats you respectfully and with understanding is highly important in bringing calm and sensitivity to your considerations and decisions on the matter of child support. Establishing financial means of your spouse in order to pursue appropriate support based on California law is my goal.

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