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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Mediating a divorce

Are you looking for a better way to resolve your divorce?  Would you prefer to avoid the adversarial and antagonistic battleground that a contested, litigated divorce can become? Collaborative divorce may be the method you are looking for. As a San Diego collaborative divorce attorney, I can help you in achieving a divorce resolution that is less contentious, less costly, and thus less bruising to your emotional health and your finances.

As a family law specialist with over 42 years of practical experience in dealing with divorces, I am well aware of the emotional and financial difficulties that a divorce imposes on everyone involved. That is why I include collaborative divorce in my family law practice as a healthier and more viable alternative to conventional divorce litigation.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?
In collaborative divorce, attorneys for both parties assist their clients in four-way discussions to resolve their differences and conflicts and to reach a negotiated settlement outside the courts. Techniques promoting cooperation and constructive communication are used rather than adversarial methods and litigation. The parties involved, including their attorneys, commit themselves to achieving a negotiated result. Litigation is not considered to be an option while negotiations are ongoing.

A Participation Agreement is signed by the parties involved, wherein they agree on certain terms. Typical provisions in the Agreement would be that, if a settlement cannot be reached, the attending attorneys will withdraw and their clients will be free to seek trial attorneys for litigation, that outstanding issues will be resolved in a cooperative way through negotiation, that the parties may use their attorneys to assist them in reaching a resolution, that all communications will be constructive and fair, and that neutral outside experts may be used, such as financial professionals or others.

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