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At the Law Office of Gordon G. Meyer, I take pride in providing personal and committed legal representation to every one of my clients. I have over 42 years of divorce and related experience and am a Certified Family Law Specialist. I am aggressive in pursuing your goals in a divorce, legal separation, domestic partnership, paternity, move-away, and custody proceeding when it is necessary, but want to steer you through the process cooperatively when possible and prudent.

Divorce is a terribly difficult situation to face for any couple, even when there are no children involved. Getting through this trying time should be approached with the assistance of a caring and seasoned divorce lawyer who has experience in resolving family law issues in this jurisdiction. You have many choices in San Diego County for legal assistance - I want you to make the best choice for you.

Divorce issues touch many areas of your life when you are seeking to end a marriage. Foremost is always the matter of the children. Who will have primary custody? What will the visitation schedule be and what is the appropriate amount of child support?

In other matters alimony may need to be requested, as well as a division of your property and retirement accounts. As a San Diego and North County divorce attorney, protecting children is important to me. My greatest desire is to protect the values and interests of each client, whatever their circumstance.

This website contains helpful information regarding a number of subjects related to the area of family law. I welcome you to browse through these pages to learn more about some of your legal rights, your options and more. You can find guidance related to collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, spousal support (alimony), child support, property distribution, custody and visitation. I also take on post-divorce matters such as modifications of custody or support and can handle drafting, reviewing or litigating prenuptial agreements. Whether you are in the early stages of preparing for divorce, want to ensure the protection of your assets and legal rights during divorce proceedings or need to modify an existing court order, I have the skill and knowledge to help.

It's far too easy to become mired in the legal complexities and emotionally challenging aspects of family law matters. Allow me to bring you peace of mind and skilled guidance through every aspect of your case in order to help you seek a result that is truly in your best interests. Regardless of the circumstances of your specific case, I can offer an accurate analysis. Act quickly and call my firm to ensure we can get involved as early as possible.

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In addition to the common divorce issues that may include the children's welfare and property division, my firm can help protect your assets in the divorce procedure as well as help you prepare for the divorce before the filing when you initially consult with me. We also have expertise in preparing prenuptial agreements for those who are planning to wed and need assistance with protecting their assets through a well thought out agreement. Ensuring the security of your assets is important in any marriage, but it is a well-kept secret that when both parties have a roadmap for setting forth their rights and obligations the heated friction that sometimes leads to divorce may be avoided.

When you select my office to assist you, I provide knowledgeable representation worthy of your trust, and I will pursue your interests vigorously. I understand what a difficult time this is for a family and will work to make the divorce process as simple as possible. Matters can get highly emotional when a divorce occurs and it is my intention to keep things as amicable as possible, without sacrificing your rights, to avoid inappropriate conflict and turmoil.

I treat my clients with respect and understanding throughout their family law experience, and ensure they are informed at every step as the case as progresses to its best conclusion.

Contact Rancho Bernardo divorce lawyer Gordon G. Meyer if you find yourself contemplating or facing the prospect of divorce.