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Divorce Modifications

Divorce Modifications

Divorce Modifications

As life goes on, circumstances change. You may find that the provisions of your divorce and child custody orders are no longer workable. If this is the case, you can ask the court to modify your divorce, visitation or child custody agreements.


After divorce modifications may be requested for some of the following reasons:

  • Property or other assets were left out of the property settlement of the divorce agreement.
  • Your job circumstances have changed and you have been forced to take a job making less money.
  • You have become unemployed, and you are unable to make your spousal or child support payments.
  • The parent paying spousal or child support is now making a lot more money. If this occurs, you may ask the court for an increase in payments.
  • The custodial parent is no longer suitable to be the custodial parent (or is more suitable).
  • The court can be petitioned by either party to change visitation and custody arrangements.
  • Your former spouse wants to relocate, along with the children. You have the right to ask the court to stop the move or make changes to the visitation schedule.
  • Visitation and child custody has changed. You may request that the court modify child support payments to fit this situation.
  • There have been changes in the requirements of the child. You may ask for changes in the visitation and child support agreement.

If you find that your life circumstances have changed, or the needs of your child have changed, you will need a qualified lawyer to advocate on your behalf. Gordon Meyer, Attorney at Law is a San Diego divorce attorney. I have 42 years of experience helping clients with post-divorce modifications. I am here to protect your right and the rights of your children.

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