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Paternity Law

At the Law Offices of Gordon G. Meyer, I know how difficult it is to face issues of paternity and child support. One must not only deal with the stress of legal proceedings, but also with the delicate issue of trying to provide the best care for the child in question. Having a good lawyer serving the communities of Poway, Rancho Bernardo and Rancho Penasquitos is key here. I know how tough this process can be.  I am committed to providing both legal and emotional support throughout this difficult time. I am a licensed attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist.  I am well-versed in paternity law, and can help provide the lawful means to test and prove paternity.

Paternity Law

Paternity Law and your rights

Why is Paternity Testing Important?

Proving paternity can be an important step to achieving support for a child. If you are pregnant or have recently had a child, you may need to establish paternity to make sure that you and the child can receive the support you need.
If someone is claiming that you fathered a child with her and now you owe money, you might choose to take a DNA test to show if you are indeed the father.
You may also need to take a DNA test to show that you are a child’s legal father in order to gain father’s rights to visit or take custody of that child.

Whatever your situation, I offer the help you need to make things right according to the law and, most importantly, to gain support for the child from his or her rightful parents.

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