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Prepare for Divorce

Prepare for Divorce

Prepare for Divorce

Sometimes divorce is unexpected. Sometimes you know for quite a while it is inevitable. In any event, you need to be prepared so that, when it is all over, you end up in as good a condition as possible, both emotionally and financially. Some things that will help are:

Figure out what you own, and what your assets and debts are.
Do your best to keep a positive outlook, even though it may be difficult at times.  Gather all relevant financial documents together for your attorney.
Keep these papers in a safe place.
Hire an attorney who is a good fit for you.
Be honest with your attorney, and fully disclose all information he needs for your case.
Follow the advice your attorney gives you.
Get credit in your own name.
Determine what your living expenses will be after the divorce.
Talk to your attorney before deciding to move out of your home.
Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Law Offices of Gordon G. Meyer, a Rancho Bernardo and Poway divorce attorney is ready to help you with all aspects of your divorce so that you make a smooth transition into single life.

Going through a divorce can be a stressful, emotional time in your life. You want to choose an attorney who you trust and who you feel understands your situation and will be your advocate throughout the divorce process, while at the same time not being adversarial. You want a lawyer who will do his best to collaborate with your spouse and his/her attorney. Ideally, you want to resolve all outstanding issues without having to litigate the matter. If you are able to come to agreement on even some issues, it will save you the resources you may need after the divorce.

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